Monday, February 03, 2014

Justus is 2!

Today Justus turned 2!  He slept in until 8:30, just ten minutes shy of his debut into the world.  On 2.3.12 @ 8:40 am this fantastic little boy entered our world, and today we celebrated his first 2 years.

We started the celebration yesterday, since it is easier to celebrate with friends and family on the weekend.  This little guy celebrated in style with a Construction Site themed party.  Justus loves big trucks and little-big trucks, he loves constructions sites and building.  He got a construction site cake, made by momma.  When he saw it for the first time he was so excited, I was half surprised he understood that it was supposed to be a scene from a construction site, but right when he saw it he got the biggest smile and exclaimed, 'STURCTION SITE'.  And the rest of the day he would say 'Happy Birthday struction site.'

With all the trucks he got yesterday at his party, he happily spent the morning building and moving things with his dumper and excavator.  Justus enjoys playing quietly by himself when his big sister is off at school.  He will sit and build with legos or make a cup of coffee at the play kitchen.  Often times J and I find ourselves working along side one another when it is just the two of us at home; he is playing and I am cooking or cleaning.  But, it is a different story when Big Sister is home!  Justus loves trying to keep up with Phoebe; if she is running, he is running; if she is jumping off the couch, he is jumping off the couch.  It is fun to see these two play together and enjoy one another.

Here are a few fun facts about Justus, age 2....
  • He loves fanfakes, AKA pancakes or waffles.  But I find our little guy is a bit of a picky eater, he loves yogurt and fruit but beyond that it is a bit of a struggle.  I am always trying new things, and I hope this is something that fades as he gets older.
  • J is a great sleeper, he take 1 nap a day - normally around 3 hours, sometimes 4!  He sleeps with a blanket, stuffed monkey, stuffed elmo, and a pacifier in a crib.
  • Books- He loves books, especially books about trucks, his favorite books are Little Blue Truck and I Stink.
  • Toys- Top 5: Legos, Play Kitchen and coffee maker, Firetruck, cars, and anything small he can gather in his pockets (often this is magnets).
  • Most common questions we get about J: "Where is his blond hair from?"  (Matt had blond hair when he was young) and "Is he always this happy?"  (Yes, he is an incredibly happy child)
  • He has lots of words!  Our favorite phrases right now are: 'Wuk-a-me' - Look at me and 'Wuk-a-dat' - Look at that.  He picked up 'I two' quickly!  He loves naming things; my pants, my sweater, my pocket (he is kind of obsessed with pockets and filling them) my room, Phoebe's room, Daddy's pants, Daddy's wallet.....etc. 
  • Friends - His best buddy is our friend Hannah who lives just across the street.
Overall, we are very in love with our little guy.  He fits our family perfectly.  

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Let's Explore

DSC_1652, originally uploaded by 207 Living.

Not many people 'vacation' in Nebraska, we normally don't vacation there as much as visit. But this summer we tried something new with my family; we rented a mini-lodge (house) at Ponca State park in northeast NE and enjoyed an extra long weekend together.

The house was plenty large for our family that continues to grow....another grand-baby on the way...hopefully another sister-in-law someday, but I am not holding my breath. ;)

The weather was quite nice- cool enough that we could spend a lot of time outside and our trip was early enough in the season there were no bugs!!

We were all pleasantly surprised by the lovely woodlands shooting range in the park where we tried archery, tomahawks, pellet guns, shotguns, and riffles. I had never actually shot a gun, and tend to be against them in most settings, but I had a great time trying them out in a controlled environment where nothing was going to die because of my arrow/bullet. There was also horseback riding, bird watching, hiking, and a family 5K run that Uncle B won!

The 3 granddaughters had a great time exploring the park. If you click on the picture, you can spend some time exploring our pictures of our lovely Nebraska Vacation.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fairies and Elves

The months leading up to Phoebe's 5th birthday I was planning a fairy themed party in my head, she wasn't really aware of this, and truth be told if she could pick a theme I am not sure it would be "fairy".  So, I also spent those months suggesting that a fairy party would be a great idea!  (who does that?)  I love the whimsy of fairies, that they are feminine and outdoorsy, that they are creative and caring- at least according to all the stories I have read of fairies.  Oh and they are also magical!  And it makes a great theme.

To start off the party the little fairies and elf decorated fairy houses under the tent on the patio.  Each child got also got a set of fairy wings and a fairy for their house.  It was a great start to the party.  I gathered some stickers, pebbles, moss, and flowers to glue on to the milk carton fairy houses.  (I was collecting milk cartons for a while specifically for this project.  The were cut almost in half, painted with gesso, and glued onto a cardboard base.)

When they were done decorating we had story time in the garden.  The mister read a few stories and poems from Come Follow Me to the Secret World of Elves and Fairies and Gnomes and Trolls.  It is an old book I found second hand that is full of beautiful illustrations and lovely words to encourage the imagination.  Once I found it I knew we would use it for the birthday party story time.

After story time we had lunch and after lunch all the fairies and elf got their fingers painted and tattoos put on.  Some of our neighbors helped out with this, which was really nice!  Then Phoebe opened her gifts, she got lots of lovely things from her little fairy friends.  It was a lovely time with some close friends, and the weather was perfect- actually a little chilly which is so odd for the end of May. 

Here is Phoebe's fairy house with a few left over fairies.  I bought some wood pegs; painted hair, eyes, and lips on then hot glued on the acorn tops and the felt clothes and wings.  It was a quick little project and everyone got to take home a fairy house and little fairy to live in it.  

Friday, June 14, 2013


Last night we ate dinner together after the kids were in bed.  I realized that sometimes our last hour as a family of 4 is better spent playing together rather than trying to sit at the table together. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Phoebe is Phive! (5)

We have been so busy celebrating our little girl, I haven't had time to write much about that.

We started the day with donuts and gifts and ended with Pizza and more gifts!  Phoebe and I did a little recording in the afternoon to see what her favorite things are now that she is 5.  You can listen to it here.

Our little girl is getting to be a big girl, 5, seems so substantial.  (I think I say that every year?)  And she is just as spunky and fun as ever.  Phoebe loves to help her dad with projects, she loves to learn new things, and she has a very kind heart.  In school her friends got to tell her what they love about her, and they all said they love how nice she is.  (she is extra nice there!)  We are also learning that Phoebe is a feeler, she feels things very intensely, which I love and struggle with!  I think we all will learn how to help her with her emotions as the years go on.

On Saturday Phoebe had a fairy birthday party (more of that to come later), here is a great shot of her surrounded by some of her best little buddies, I just Love it!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

Friday, May 03, 2013


This little guy is 15 months today....but who's counting?  He is apparently!  Actually, the abacus gets used more as a spinning toy than a counting aid, but it is fun to see him sit and spin the beads- he really gets going.  This stage of life is so fun because he is becoming aware of the world around him, making connections between sounds and meaning, and figuring out a way to communicate to us.  Justus is quite the explorer, and loves to be outside.  We have had a beautiful spring here, so we can enjoy lots of time outside.  Though, J has proved to be a bit more clumsy than his big sister, this week alone he had a black eye, 2 scraps on his forehead, and a fat lip.  Yikes!  If I can keep him inside counting, his face will thank me for it! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This little one is keeping us all on our toes, just as his big sister did!  We just got back from the park where he acted as if he was a big kid; climbing to the top of a play structure and going down the slide all by himself.  Then running up a hill and turning around to run back down as fast as his little legs could take him till he fell into a tumble along with a fit of giggles.  It is a joy to watch him go, go, go.  

Along with his physical development, his little brain is working over time.  Just yesterday he mastered "Bye" and today I heard him say "bah-bah-bee-bah-baby".  Baby was one of Phoebe's first words and I thought for sure 'ball' or 'book' would be Justus' since those seem to be his favorite things right now.  He loves kicking the ball, any ball, and to sit in a chair with a stack of books.  He is a sweet little one.